"I kept away from you! I gave you a world of peace and removed all the mess to this place! I did this for YOUR needs! You don't get to rebel... You get to die."
―Amporion to the world upon the destruction of his throne
Sedis appearing nearby Procidens
A map of Sedis as of 1870 A.P
Type Planet
Population 50 million
Affiliation Amporion, Pure Army, Flare's ember
Races Vigors, Worldkeeper, Remnants
 Sedis is the throne-planet for Amporion the Worldkeeper. It was formerly the most advanced planet of the Futarian Age, until Amporion deemed the planet too harmful to the balance of The Stream. The remains of the civilizations and races before the planet's forced reformation are known as The Remnants.

The planet was eventually turned into Amporion's personal throne and the newly established homestead of the Vigors. The location of Sedis has a strengthened connection to most other planets through the stream, making it easy for Amporion to interact with various worlds from the same place. 

Sometime during Amporion's conflict against the Pure Army, he effectively transported Sedis in close range of Procidens, in hopes that he could destroy both planets and possibly use the portals on Procidens to destroy Cortus as well.