A biased depiction of King Brond's unstable rule.

"Struggle is mundane for common men. To test a human, one must be given weight heavier than just themselves."
―Qaran defending King Brond in front of his daughter, Linia.
 Semitism was the first ideology among Humans and was used as a simplification of the power balance that occured before, during and after the rule of King Brond. The ideology depicts that humanity is best lead by the individual most capable of leadership position, while eery challengers are allowed and even encouraged to tip off the power balance and claim themselves the next rightful ruler.

Semitism was primarily used as an excuse by the current ruler at the time, to excuse why he was in position of power, while others were starving to death. By inviting anyone willing to prove themselves a better candidate, the hierarchy of the political power felt dynamic and within reach for most of the population. 

The ideology recieved a dramatic decrease in popularity and followers, during and after the Alius Revolution. It ended the thoughts of monarchies being the only possible forms of government, which would eventually lead to the bureaucratic non-rule period after the Pact War.