Simia in his advisor outfit and his common sacer form.

Simia Botan was the sacer founder of the botanians and one of the creators of the circle. He was a close friend to Aithen Louvus and Ceterus Relictus, the two being the only ones to know of his true race. Simia was an elite shapeshifter and spent the majority of his time in the cortus monarchy shapeshifted into everything from humans to Northmen. Believing he stood the only surviving Sacer, he considered it his responsibility to cause stability in the new world and leave a prosperous world behind for the new races to live in.

Years after the removal of the circle and the disappearance of Ceterus and Aithen, Simia made it his life-long goal to create a new order, where people would prioritize leaving the nature untouched and evade human greed.

Past and presentEdit

Simias past is relatively uneventful. Being a simple botanian in sacer society, he stood a normal man with a wife (who happened to be a tutor in biology) and an intelligent daughter. But when the war of the first broke out, Simias world vanished. His entire family was killed and as far as he could tell, he was the only surviving Sacer after the conflict. More than 600 years later, Simia has aqquired a wide variety of contacts in all sorts of societies with his shapeshifting skills and he's made it his personal task to ensure lasting stability in Cortus. 

The islands of NitorEdit

Along with Ducion Liciano, Lecta and several other renegade officials, Simia sailed to investigate the rumored islands of Nitor. Tasked to venture onto one specific island all by himself, he single-handedly rediscovered the Sacer society and reunited with a dozen of old associties, friends and collegues. 

Simia upon discovering a Sacer stronghold in the trees.