Space travel or integalactic travel is something that has been made possible by the worldkeeper from the moment of his universe's creation. In order to quickly bring his unfluence to far-away systems or different planes of existence, the worldkeeper built in shortcuts all across his ever-expanding galaxy. The shortcuts were maintained by the watchers and could be 'anchored' in different planets, stars or even sources of energy. Apart from making sure the planets did not deviate from the worldkeeper's plan, each watcher also had control of one or two shortcuts. The worldkeeper put mechanisms in place that made any transaction via the shortcuts one-way only. Only when the different watchers of most of the galaxy sensed a threat could they immediately exchange with the worldkeeper. This proved to be the worldkeeper's downfall when the different watchers rebelled against him.

Numerous sentient races across the universe have studied the different anchors in their vicinity. Some, like the Alderas, did so in a bid to escape the oppressive nature of their home world. Others, like the humans of Cortus, only started dabbling in these magical arts because they happened to stumble upon them. When the Alderas came into contact with Cortus and established themselves as a presence, the humans took over some of the teachings of the Alderas. Because of the complications that existed in the relations between Alderas and humans, their scholars ended up having a disadvantage compared to them for centuries. Eventually, when wars broke out between the two groups, several human monarchs decided the usage of this magic could provide a strategic advantage, after which experimentation sky-rocketed.