Title Elder god, God of Space, Traveler
Gender Male
Race Alderas, God
Unique traits
Year of Birth - 11.043 A.P
Place of Birth Procidens
Year of Death  ????
Occupation God, Caretaker of Cortus

Spatium was a former Alderas, an Alderas traveler and the first traveler to succesfully utilize long distance teleportation. Most notably, he's the first divine being known to man in both Procidens and Cortus . Immediatly accepting his role as a being of higher standing, Spatium shaped the world of Cortus and stabilized the senseless realm, in order to assemble an entire council of overseers of Cortus. It was not until 1167 A.P, when the Alderas arrived on Cortus, that Spatium once again showed his mortal body, in order to greet his people.