Temple of Spatium
Type Temple ruins
Population 1100
Affiliation None
Races Humans (300)

Northmen (400) Halfhumans (400)

 The temple of Spatium is a region of ruins and castles, originally build by the Sacers to welcome the mental arrival of Spatium to Cortus. When Spatium never appeared in humanoid form, the temple was used as a prison for traitors, after The Sacer civil war. The ruins are approximately the same size as Foedus, but are only inhabitated by lost adventurers and people of poverty. 

In 680 A.P, the god Aithen forged the legendary Soulgate within the center of the ruins, twisting reality and time it self within most of the temple. All inhabitants within the temple were eliminated, when Qarx Louvus Furyhold entered the soulgate with force in 715 A.P. After the incident, the temple has forever been researched by humanoid scientists, trying to get an understanding of The senseless realm