The Black Mane: Rebirth
Title The Seer War
Time-span 1510 - 1770 A.P
Event type World War
Casualties 3,3 billion
Characters King Brond, Qarx Louvus, Spatium, Lootus, Poena, Aithen
Orders The Interim Concord, The Cortus Republic, The elderly watchers, the new dawn

 The Black Mane: Rebirth is a late chapter in the Black Mane universe, starting in the mid second millenia of Cortus History. The story circles around five key characters, three of which are Lootus võimalusQarx Louvus Furyhold and Spatium. It's focused on the infamous Seer War, which erupted after the Alderas annexation of several Human settlements. The story spans over several hundred years and includes a long and memorable cast; both recognizeable lore characters and new ones.