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The Black Mane: The Pact War is the third chapter in the Qarx era of the black mane universe. As its predecessor, it takes place right after the end of chapter two, right after the pact has reached the magical gong and gained advantage over the fearless rebellion. The Black Mane: The Pact War has its focuse on the conflict of the two factions and ends the much anticipated war, to later focuse on the end and aging of the characters in the next couple of chapters.

The Pact War is in short, the confrontation that has been waited for. Throughout The Black Mane and The Black Mane: Uprising, every encounter and attack has mainly been focused on the mentality of a factionmember of note or a smaller compound. in The Black Mane: The Pact War, every single camp, city or town is targeted.

And with every innocent civilian, animal and creation in danger, the regained greatness of the rebellion is questioned. Qarx doubts his actions throughout the years and wonders if all the previous deeds, that appeared glorious at the time, really just led to the point, where the pact will destroy anything more agressively than ever before.


With the pact having control over the power of the gong, a larger group of pact members have gained impressive powers and skills, harshly gaining the odds in their favor. With the pact uncertain of the movements of the rebellion, mainly due to lacking care and growing arrogance, the rebellion charges at three larger pact towns at the same time, suppressing the pact into a surrounded plot of land, covering about half a continent.
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Ducion striking at Qarx, during the battle of Mors Pontem.

Although the rebellion doing well during the operations, Qarx is forced to obtain the gong in order to survive future attacks. Qarx gains full control over the power of the gong, which then enchanches his comprehension over his werewolf form


  • Qarx discovers the keys of Spatium
  • Qarx utilizes the gong and masters his mane-form
  • Leon Aporio dies
  • Jirak Heartbringer dies
  • Zelphara dies
  • Raptus Mataru uncloaks himself
  • The battle of mors pontem
  • Destruction of Austellus
  • Alesia dies (Ducion's wife)