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The Black Mane: Uprising is the second chapter in the Black Mane storyline. Taking place right after the end of the first chapter, this particular act later leads to the beginning and peak of the historious pact war. The Black Mane: Uprising is currently the least described and documented chapter in the storyline, but is yet of larger importance and has a series of events and scenarios that directly changes the way secrets unfold and lives are lost.

Uprising has a duration of over a decade, showing large changes to all casted characters, in comparison to The Black Mane, that only showed about a year of the character's lives. Character development is therefore a larger priority in this chapter, instead of the first, that highly focused on introducing the world and the races and conflicts that exist in it.


Uprising takes place right after the end of the first Chapter. The Southern guards have been defeated and Qarx is officially the leader of the fearless rebellion, which is now completely focused on opposing only the renegades pact. With Qarx being the first new leader in the rebellion, his authority and capability to lead is doubted and he finds himself uncertain of his inferiors' intentions. Aware of the lack of respect from his recruits, Qarx is forced to prove him worthy through a series of events, including the destruction of the wedding of Jonsey and his wife, as well as the assassination of Vilbur and confrontation with the pact near the gong on an isolated island.
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Qarx promoting a recruit, shortly before the discovery of the gong.

With the war against the pact also becoming noticeable to the public, Qarx changes the tacticts for the rebellion and quickly converts into more of a military faction, patrolling cities, brutally conquering compounts and openly have meetings with King Cadon. As the rebellion also had political influence over Cortus, Qarx often ended up arguing with King Cadon, who later became an inferior rival, who several years later lost his royalty and continued as leader of an incredibly small group of followers. Due to the failure of other factions, the rebellion grew to become the strongest order in Cortus, despite inferior in numbers, when comparing with the renegades pact. At the end of the chapter, Qarx and the rebellion fails to prevent the pact from reaching the gong and the power of the pact increases, once again stabilizing the pact as the strongest guild in Cortus.

Key-events Edit

  • Vilbur dies
  • Reasa dies
  • Crooss dies
  • Morgana dies
  • Nimren dies (leader of monarchy army)
  • Altoriss gets promoted (emerald warden)
  • Tutela revealed (other manes revealed)
  • Tutela dies
  • Ducion uses the gong
  • Qarx's failed execution
  • Jonsey's wedding
  • Kamar reveals himself to be a clean manipulator
  • Raptus Mataru leaves the rebellion
  • Leon Aporio joins the Pact