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The frozen units, during the last battle in the Mortuus war.

The Mortuus war was a longlasting conflict between the natives of Cortus, The Mortuus, and the established Northmen near Foedus. Despite the rumors of Northmen being a subrace to common humans, it's claimed that the Mortuus war occured, before the birth of the first human, suggesting that Northmen might be the second oldest race in all of Cortus.

The Mortuus were, despite larger in size, inferior on the battlefield. Due to their enormous body mass, the northmen had an easy time dodging their strikes, resulting in the Mortuus quickly being wiped out. The actual cause for the war is still pondered upon and unknown. While some assume that the Northmen were slaves of the Mortuus, others claim that Northmen were savage humanoids, that desired land and continents for themselves. However, it's confirmed that the gods did not favor the war and eventually froze all the present units during a battle, ending up freezing the last of the Mortuus in the process and by that, terminate the entire race.

The angry godsEdit

While the Mortuus were the gods first intelligent creation, they quickly grew tired of their arroance and brutality, according to myths. When the remaining Mortuus' were all gathered at the same battle, Poena ultimately froze all the present units. This was done both by lowering the temperature, but also by freezing the air in which they were located in. Because of this, the units that were thrown into the air upon the time of Poena's punishment, remained over ground and continue to do so. It's assumed that only the gravity, air and temperature is miracoliously low at the exact location of the units, as travelers can walk through the frozen battlefield, without suffering the same fate.
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Qarx and an expedition scouting the areas around Foedus.

Although proven to be possible to walk through, most travelers prefer to keep a distance to the region, mostly out of fear of the curse, that was once casted on the present units. Those that dared to cross the location, found it to be a convenient traveling route, as it's isolated from nearby compounts and enemy factions. Some of those that did cross the battlefield, also made attempt on melting the ice around some of the Mortuus'. It was quickly discovered that every single cell in their body had been frozen and slightly separated from others, meaning the frozen men would crumble, if anyone decided to warm it. At that moment, it was proven that the Mortuus' were gone forever, never to return, unless the gods wished otherwise.