Origo rebellion flag

The Rebellions flag.

The Origo Rebellion was the leading faction during the infamous pact war of Cortus. The Origo Rebellion was initially established as a counterpart for the, at the time, subtle and unknown Murderers Pact, which was later forced out into the open by the Verums. The Rebellion was founded by Salvus Origo, a survivor of Project Duro. The Origo Rebellion was founded 685 AP (after Poena) and disbatched in 718 AP.

Political ideologiesEdit

The Origo Rebellion believes in conservatism and the concept of monarchies OR oligarchy. They claim that there are definitive leaders, who were born to lead, but that the population have a say in judging who the chosen ones may be. Thus the Origo Rebellion opposes the Cortus Monarchy, which has had the same family in government for hundreds of years.

The Origo Rebellion was initially founded to oppose the renegades pact, but later became a meaningful political faction, which planned on having a lasting impact on Cortus as a whole. The Rebellion's members do not consider themselves suited for leadership, but still want a say in who gets to lead the world and decide how it evolves.
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Salvus Conversing with King Cado.

The Rebellion thus supports Social-conservatism in the sense that desires one(or a small set of) ruler to lead, but under the acceptance of the people. This belief is a slightly modified version of the already existing Monarchy, which is conservatism in its fullest form. The Rebellion has changed priorities during its existence, but mainly focused on individualism and freedom under a single ruler.

A dangerous reformationEdit