The war of the gods

Spatium upon leaving the senseless realm

The Seer War was a long-lasting conflict, between overseers (gods) of Cortus . The war began in 1514 A.P and ended in 1746 A.P, when Spatium was succesfully annihilated and turned into a mortal Alderas . The conflict erupted as a result of the growing Alderas presence in Cortus, which was on the brink of causing a world wide war between humans and Alderas. While Poena and Qarx believed the Alderas should be banished back to their home planet, Spatium and Aithen insisted on trying to make diplomacy between the two rivaling civilizations.

When the Alderas started annexing human establishments and Spatium still decided not to act, Poena and Qarx announced their plan to oppose the Alderas to Spatium. This escalated into a massive scale battle in the Senseless realm , which broke the barrier for ghost gods and allowed hundreds of mortals around the world to enter the senseless realm. Because of that, a collection of different races became gods, who parted with either Spatium and Aithen or Poena and Qarx.

As the war continued and the senseless realm became more and more unstable, all spiritual beings in the realm travelled to Mortus in an attempt to finish the war, without further damaging the godly realm. Within a year, large scale battles occured all over Cortus and Procidens , resulting in the destruction of major advanced cities, such as Pratum

in 1627 A.P, Qarx and Aithen had a longlasting encounter near the sacred soul gate . This would eventually destroy the soulgate and give no opportunity for mortal non-magic users to ever reach the senseless realm. Qarx ended with succesfully killing Aithen, making 

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Qarx in his overseer outfit

him the only elder human god left in Cortus.

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