"I returned to my world many years ago. To learn of the time that once was. To dream of the time that could be. Forever was I lost, until I found my own. Now, my dream is shaping... And I won't wake. Not again."
―The shape as he speaks to an audience of Sacers.
The Shape
The shape5
Title The Shape
Gender none
Race Foreteller
Unique traits
Year of Birth none (Liberated in 1778 A.P)
Place of Birth Procidens
Year of Death none
Occupation Watcher, Adventurer, Grand Master, General, Worldkeeper

The Shape (Later renamed Aragio) is the physical humanoid representation of the planet Procidens. The Shape is forged from pure magic, to deliver information to the world's population (humanoids, as well as animals), regarding large world changes and the state of nature. He is, by nature, irregular in terms of common dimensions and can thus move through time, space, form and shape. He is by all accounts an example of Intelligent Magic. He is a Foreteller.

Around 1780 A.P, The Shape was released from his magical connection to Procidens by the combined will of Sacers and Alderas. Although free from isolation, he remained emotionless and objective in every matter. He personally renamed himself "Aragio" (Alderion for "Outsider"). He later joined Janua Shadowwalker and numerous other adventurers, to try and find more of his kind on distant planets.

By 1791 A.P, He'd succesfully landed on Gürcün with Janua and her Expedition. As war erupted between the expedition and the natives of the planet, Aragio fought alongside Shadowwalkers in the war and eventually defeated Lord Trotsi; The foreteller of Gürcün and leader of its natives. 

As the expedition managed to convince Trotsi to accept peace, The Table of Foretellers was founded with Aragio as its head-member and Trotsi as the first council member. For the next twenty years, Aragio would continuously support the Janua Initiative and recruit more foretellers into his order. 

In 1844 A.P, Aragio accompanies the Janua Iniative, as it ventures onto a planet with a much higher amount of magical particles. Upon reaching the planet, Aragio and the iniative enters the civilized regions and faces the WorldkeeperAmporion


  • The shape is the longest living intelligent being in the Black Mane universe.
  • The shape is the foreteller of Procidens.