Historical info
Year of Founding 112 A.P
Leaders None (Arguably Figura)
Year of disbandment Unknown
Enemies Interim Concord, Verums, Verum Kingdom
Member count Casualties caused
97.000 Unknown
The Truthseekers were an ancient group of librarians, who sought to uncover knowledge about the origin of the Humans. They were excellent fighters, spies and diplomats, having a political say in the endeavours of almost any noteworthy faction throughout history. 

As their understanding of humans grew, they started to seek information about the entirety of the world; be it other races, the creation of Cortus or how magic impacts a humanoid's body. The writings of the Truthseekers are stored in libraries, except for those the Monarchy deems 'potentially dangerous', which are safely stored in the Royal Palace.

Their indifference towards publishing their archives to the Interim Concord is the main driving force behind the ignition of The Seer War.