The Black Mane is a fantasy story in progress by Max Steffensen, taking place in the fictional world of Cortus, focusing on a larger number of meaningful characters within the region.

The Black Mane started as a series of roleplay events on the popular massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, World of Warcraft and since then evolved into an independent story, with its own regions, cast of characters, gods, myths and much more. With its leading character Qarx Louvus Furyhold, The Black Mane is about a story of vengeance, redemption, salvation and destiny, all "hopefully" well put together, when completely written.

Character developmentEdit

The characters in the Black Mane are all of importance in their own way. Each individual in the story has a purpose, meaning and a certain amount of depth, ensuring that there aren't any flat or outright boring characters.

Certain characters are even portrayed with their own symbolic meaning and questions, meant to make us doubt in our own society, evolution and way of being, asking us how we can truly evolve from worse to better.


The Black Mane fantasy story is currently under development, using this exact wiki to properly manage the huge amount of characters, regions, items and myths, so that it may be easier to write later, when everything is in one easily manageable database.

Key-events Edit

  • Zephirron dies
  • Felwood dies
  • Victor Furyhold dies
  • Michelle Furyhold dies
  • Jerremy dies
  • Reasa is kindapped (infiltration of southern guard fleet)
  • Fall of the southern fort
  • Salvus Origo dies
  • Nimren purges Austellus
  • Qarx's mane-form revealed