A typical follower of Poena

The followers of Poena were a larger group of religious humans, who functioned more or less as a humanist group for hundreds of years. Their close ties to the monarchy of Cortus and other influential businessmen ensured the majority of their members stood noblemen, advisors and public figures. Their words and messages was said to be the direct word of the god Poena, making most friendly and/or scared of them. Being a friend of the followers meant being a friend of the gods. 

After the decaying of the monarchy during the pact wars, the followers turned to the heir of the throne, as well as several independent orders, such as the Ardent Union. This led to the union appearing as a blessed unification of skilled adventurers and made many believe that Toroun Louvus was the messiah to repair the world after the destruction, which the pact wars caused.