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The Timeline Edit

Year -19

- The war of the first begins

- Votums husband and child are killed

Year -2

- The Mortuus' use the plague to thin the land from all magic

Year 1

- Votum becomes the god of punishment, known as: Poena

- The purge expedition of the Sacers ends

- Simia Botan flees towards what would become Foedus.

  • Year 650

- Salvus Origo is born

- The third city war begins

- The Circle is forged

- Davon Qoyo is born

  • Year 663

- Qarx Louvus is born

- Ducion Liciano is born

- Lecta is born

- Aithen Louvus turns immortal

- The gods' first round of manes are born (Qarx, Lecta, Zephirron)

  • Year 668

- Raptus Mataru is born

- Alen is born

- The gods' second round of manes are born (Raptus, Alen, ???)

  • Year 672
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    Tutela in her werewolf form, accompained by her "family".

- Ducion's parents are imprisoned

  • Year 681

- Project Duro is initiated


  • Year 682

- The rebellion of Vastus bombards the Vastus Prison

- Ducion Liciano joins the Murderers Pact

- The scale of the Murderers Pact is doubled

  • Year 683

- Tutela is born

- Kailey is born

The gods' third and last round of manes are born (Tutela, Toroun, Kailey, ???)

  • Year 684

- Project Duro ends

- Salvus Origo and the survivors of Project Duro return to Cortus and inform the king of the Murderers Pact
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Salvus Conversing with King Cado.

- Ducion becomes the leader of the Murderers Pact and renames it the Renegades Pact

- The Renegades Pact goes into hiding and employs the Southern Guards (a mercenary group) as their visible wardens

  • Year 685

- The Origo Rebellion is founded

- The Pact war begins

  • Year 686

- A major Rebellion stronghold in Spatium is destroyed

- Alacer dies

- Raptus Mataru joins the rebellion

  • Year 687

- The city of Austellus falls by the hand of the Renegades Pact

- Michelle Furyhold dies

- Qarx Louvus joins the Origo Rebellion

- The Origo Rebellion declares war on the Cortus Monarchy

- A large group of Rebellion members are kidnapped by the Southern Guards (rescued the same year)

  • Year 688

- Qarx meets Zephirron

- Zephirron and Qarx holds secret meetings and explore the potential of their mane-forms

- Attacking a minor Southern Guard encampment, Qarx and Zephirron discovers each others' affiliation

- Zephirron and Qarx face each other, revealing their mane-form to Jirak, Salvus and Ducion

  • Year 689
- Qarx accidently gives the Pact useful information, causing an large-scale attack on the Rebellion's main base outside Pratum 
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Salvus giving Qarx Furyhold his orders.

- Jeremmy Gord dies

- Aliesa dies

- Qarx's court sessions declares him innocent and lets him go

  • Year 690

- Altoriss joins the Origo Rebellion with his former monarchy soldiers and forms the Rebellions first division; "The emerald Warden"

- Salvus Origo dies

- Zephirron dies

- Qarx Louvus becomes the leader of the Origo Rebellion

- Jirak Lightbringer becomes second in command of the Origo Rebellion

- The Southern Guards are eliminated

- Toroun Louvus is born (unintended mane)

- Toroun is kidnapped by Margo Spiro and later enslaved by Hector Morgan


Raptus Mataru in his privateer-gear

  • Year 691

- The Origo Rebellion negotiates peace with the Cortus Monarchy

- Pact scouts discover the Sacer-Islands west from Foedus

- The Emerald Warden establishes camps in Spatium and investigate Mortuus' and Sacer ruins. 

- Haqusha is born

- Raptus Mataru leaves the Origo Rebellion

  • Year 692

- Ducion is taken in by the Rebellion and is then forced to kill his wife, Alecia.

- Qarx infiltrates the Pact with the help of Ducion and meets Jonsey, Morgana, Vilbur and other influential pact members. 

- Toroun gets his eye caught out by Hector Morgan

- Qarx is let to believe Alen killed his family and plans his assassination

- Jonsey and Morgana announces their wedding

- Qarx and Ducion joins the wedding and unsuccesfully tries to kill Alen during the afterparty

- Upon fleeing the scene, Qarx ends up killing Vilbur and finds out that Ducion was the one to lead the attack on Austellus

- Qarx flees Pact territory and returns to the rebellion

  • Year 693

- Qarx is accused of corruption and is imprisoned by his fellow rebels

- Qarx transforms into his mane-form during his execution and gains the respect of his fellow rebels.

- Jirak hunts down the remaining Qarx-sceptists and executes them.

- The jungle islands are discovered by the Emerald Warden

  • Year 694

- Raptus Mataru begins attacking coast-establishments owned by the Pact and Rebellion.

- Laevis Potentia becomes leader of the Verums, as he kills his master

- Patere Zwaun hunts down the last few botanians, leaving only Simia Botan alive.

- Patere Zwaun reveals the existence of the Verums to the king

- Patere Zwaun is captured and tortured to death by Laevis Potentia

  • Year 695

- Qarx and a select few rebels explore the jungle islands and meet Tutela

- Tutela shows her mane-form to Qarx in secrecy

- Tutela informs the rebellion of the purpose of the manes

- Tutela shows the rebellion the gong

- The pact arrives at the jungle islands and begins a major battle against the rebels

- Ducion Liciano uses the gong and becomes a mane

- Tutela is killed by a group of renegades

- The pact takes over the jungle islands and pushes back the rebellion

  • Year 696

The Verums assault Pratum and fail miserably. 90% of the cult is destroyed and they're forced back into hiding.

  • Year 697

- Verum remnants, including Laevis Potentia, use quantities of the Alius left by dead verums to bomb and destroy the center of Pratum. - Laevis Potentia locates Simia Botan and turns him into a mindless, Infected Human

  • Year 698

Execution of King Cado.

- Fall of the Cortus Monarchy

Rebellion annexation of Pratum

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Leon boiling the soldiers' particles, burning them to death.

  • Year 701

Battle of Mors Pontem

- Toroun Louvus Furyhold flees the torture-camp

- Zelphara dies

- Jirak Hearthbringer  dies

Leon Aporio dies

  • Year 715

- Qarx and the remnants of the Origo Rebellion scout Temple of Spatium.

- Qarx becomes the last Cortusian Seer

Ducion Liciano dies

  • Year 716

- All cities in Cortus become independent states.

Toroun Louvus Furyhold becomes mayor of Vastus.

  • Year 717

Odium invades Cortus

Ardent Union is founded.

Vastus is destroyed.

Raptus Mataru's fleet is destroyed.

  • Year 1514

The Seer War begins.

  • Year 1627

Qarx and Aithen clash at the Soulgate.

Aithen dies.

- The Soulgate is destroyed.