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A greatly concentrated circle of magical particles, creating a time traveling portal.

"Once inside, every breathe you take, every leaf you touch, every word you say, will change the fate of history"

Timetraveling was the art and accomplishment of going either forth or back in time, or even entering non existing pasts and futures, witnessing events that could have happened. 

The art of creation a timemachine have only been accomplished by the god, Aithen, made to achieve artifacts, that were destroyed in modern days. Only a small amount of people have used it, some being Qarx Louvus Furyhold, Ducion Liciano, Jirak Hearthbringer, Kaily Furyhold and Toroun Louvus Furyhold.

Fake realitiesEdit

The perfection of time machines have yet to be properly invented. As Aithen's invention lacked proper building, the time machine was flawed and allowed every user to fiddle with the reality within the specific time, that the machine took the user. This resulted in a series of time conflicts between the rebellion and the pact, using their knowledge of the flawed system to form tythons, astroids and even earthquakes. 

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