"I remember... I remember reaching for the sword as an infant - wanting nothing but its grip. Now, I've become more powerful than possibly imagineable... And I'm giving it away for you idiots..."
―Totus meeting with the pure army
Totus Lingiria
Totus Lingiria 13
Totus as he gains access to the stream
Title Wakiil, Crafted god, Logon
Gender Male
Race Human, Worldkeeper
Unique traits
Year of Birth 1881 A.P
Place of Birth Ectum
Year of Death 1919 A.P
Occupation Soldier, Advisor, Wakiil

Totus Lingiria was a renowned member of The Truthseekers and the first mortal to purposedly turn into a Worldkeeper. He enlisted himself for the Sedis Offensive Operation in 1902 A.P and became a Field-manipulator two years later.

Being succesful with interacting with Vigors and other native species on Sedis, Totus was eventually offered special training to become a Wakiilo (a candidate for the role of Wakiil). In 1910 A.P, Totus stood the lone survivor of an evaporated Truthseeker camp. His courage and endurance eventually made the order choose him to become the next Wakiil. 

Sometime in 1915 A.P, Totus arrived unknowlingly a the Maker's Path and was summoned to Amporion's Jar by Amporion himself. Proving to have the right qualifications for Amporion's plan to push back the Pure Army, Totus was selected as the first mortal in existance to gain acces to The Stream; effectively turning him into a worldkeeper.

During the first two years of his role as Worldkeeper, Totus learned of Amporion's long-termed plan to end CortusProcidens and Gürcün. In 1917 A.P, Totus' willingly led himself get captured by Aragio and the rest of the pure army, as he switched sides and swore to prevent the destruction of the three planets. Together with the army, the remnants of the truthseekers and all other opposing factions, he sketched an operation to succesfully end Amporion, without destroying the universe in the proces.

in 1919 A.P, The Siege of the world began. Totus, willingly sacrificing himself, succesfully severed both his and Amporions connection to the stream, allowing for the pure army to mortally wound and kill both of them. Before finally dying, Totus would send his connection to the stream to Aragio, preventing the reset of the universe.