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A truo channeling magical particles into itself.

Trudos were organic creatures, living in areas around Pratum. They were particually known for being capable of generating magical particles, without any use of blood or organic material, which is necessary for humanoid races. Trudos are therefore, according to some, the true creator of magic and that they were the original creators of races that require magical particles.

With the capability to generate magical particles at random, Trudos were incredibly powerfull, despite their small size. Luckily Trudos were generally peacefull creatures and rarely used their abilities to harm opposers. With skills in all types of magic, Trudos were known for using manipulating nondamaging spells, that could stun the opponent and make him/her flee, fall to sleep or fall unconcious.

Biological capabilitiesEdit

Trudos were known for generating magical particles and store nearly unlimited amounts within their bodies, to ensure their own safety, prosperity and strength. Trudos can store incredible amounts of magical particles, due to the emptyness of their organs inside their bodies. Practically everything functioning and of importance is on the outside of Trudos' bodies, in comparison to most other races.
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Á trudo overloading itself with pure magic.

This allowed Trudos to control a lot more magic, than common races. It also helped them in changing the way their body would respond to their skin color and general complexion. While a Trudo with a balanced amount of magical particles would appear blue, one with an overloading amount would turn red/yellow, while one with lacking magical particles would appear green.

Although Trudos didn't biologically exist of magical particles, they still needed to generate it to survive or keep themselves healthy. The color of the Trudo's skincolor therefore indicated the intelligence of the specific organism and its capability to control its intake. The social status of the Trudos were therefore a relatively important thing for the individual Trudo.


  • Character model origins from forest sprites in World of Warcraft.