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Title Green Mane, Protector of the Gong
Gender Female
Race Mane
Unique traits
Year of Birth 675 A.P
Place of Birth The Jungle Islands
Year of Death 695 A.P
Occupation None

Tutela was the official protector of the gong and the ruins it was located in. Being one of the only werewolves to exist, she lived a life in isolation near the gong, without being aware of the importance of her extra form. Raised by wolves, Tutela was never able to speak the common language of Cortus and only managed to communicate with a small number of humans in her life, one of them being Qarx Louvus Furyhold, due to his werewolf blood.

Protecting the gong until the end, Tutela opposed Ducion and the renegades pact as they bombarded the ruins and reached the inner sanctum, in which the gong was located. Tutela was murdered by Leon Aporio. Despite not being able to be manipulated by Leons magical spells, Leon managed to impale Tutela with a steel sword, ending the life of a person from the perhaps rarest race in Cortus.

Born to serveEdit

Tutela was born on a distant island east from Pratum, supposedly by a fellow human being, although she personally claims that she appeared out of a dire wolf. While the truth of her birth remains unknown, Tutela was destined to be born on the island, being a part of Aithen louvus' plan to cleanse Cortus from lack of morality. Because of that, Tutela was born a werewolf, just like Qarx Furyhold. But as Tutela aged and started to live with her wolves in discovered ruins, she started hearing voices, which impacted her judgment. <-- [Rewrite]
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Tutela about to burn her mother, during the day of the rebellion's arrival.

The voices claimed she was meant to guard the ruins and forever banish newcomers, until someone like her would travel to the island. The voices later proved to be the messages of Aithen Louvus, once again ensuring his lifeplan would suceed and eventually lead to the downfall of the pact.

Little did he know, when Qarx and the rebellion reached the ruins on the island years before the time that he had predicted. Upon their arrival, Tutela did what was asked. When facing Qarx's werewolf form, she was tasked with explaining her life work, followed by introducing the rebellion to the strongest weapon known in Cortus; The gong. Unfortunate for both her and the rebellion, the pact had followed Qarx and his men to the island. Given the element of surprise, the pact quickly overwhelmed both Tutela's wolves, but also the inexperienced scouts that Qarx had brought with him. In less than an hour, Ducion had reached the temple, where the gong was located.