Vicis Olomon
Title Prince, Soldier, Rebel, General
Gender Male
Race Sacer, Ghost, Human (briefly)
Unique traits
Year of Birth 960 A.P
Place of Birth Spatium
Year of Death  ????
Occupation Soldier

 Vicis Olomon was the king-to-be of the Verum Kingdom, being the son of Pravus Olomon and a top-rank member of the Olomon Agents. Due to his royal title, he was chosen as the first Ghost-verum to be converted to a Human

Prior to the ritual, Vicis was convinced all convertions of non-verums was voluntary and painless. When he wasn't chained during the operation, Vicis was enraged by the nature of the operation and fled before the procedure was done, declaring himself an enemy of the kingdom. 

In his attempt to eradicate the verums, he contacted the Senate of the Cortus Republic and became responsible for the beginning of the First Ghost War