"They're like me... Pawns in a bigger plan. Except they have a future... As a people."
―Trotsi discussing the vigors with Aragio
A flared Vigor
Race Info
Affiliations/factions Amporion,
Racial professions Guardian, Soldier, Magician
Racial leaders Amporion, None
Physical attributes
Skin color None (made of various natural resources)
Weight Strongly varied
Height Strongly varied
Language All

 Vigors were large, bulgy humanoids, made from the raw resources of the universe by Amporion. They're compatible with all magic-types, such as the Flare, the Alius and common Magic. They're also capable of absorbing any natural resource and use it to strenghten themselves physically and/or mentally.

Vigors were first crafted sometime around the 11th century A.P, when Amporion started noticing the rapid technological advances on Cortus. Born with an intelligence above what Amporion originally intended, he created the flare in order to properly maintain and yet strengthen to Vigors into his most prominent fighting-species.