Vilbur Ovohon
Title Founder of the Murderers Pact, Bringer of wrath
Gender Male
Race Humans (believed to be Halfhuman by the public)
Unique traits
Year of Birth 621 A.P
Place of Birth Spectum
Year of Death 692 A.P
Occupation Warrior, Commander, Politician

""The path to ultimate domination and confusion comes through relentlessness""
―Vilbur Ovohon
Vilbur Ovohon was the infamous founder of the Murderers Pact, which would later be reformated to the Renegades Pact. Vilbur was born in Spectum, living as a tailor just like his parents. At the age of 34, his piece of land was seized by the Cortus Monarchy in order to build a local hospital. Being sent to live on the streets alongside other homeless, as well as criminals, Vilbur assembled a larger group of criminals to burn down the hospital in protest. 

For years to come, Vilbur would engage in organized criminal activity to tremble the Cortus Monarchy and eventually forge the murderers pact. Afterwards, Vilbur began a quest to transform Cortus into a world of anarchy through the destruction of govermental systems and constitutions. By the time of his death in 692 A.P, the murderers pact would be the lead faction in Cortus and would span over most of the western world (including cities such as Foedus, Ectum, Austellus, Doctum and Qodrum). 

Vilbur is considered one of the most influential politicians and leaders of the 700th century, establishing one of the largest criminal factions to have ever existed. His legacy would indirectly lead to the discovery of the Sacer islands, which inevitably prepared the humans for the oncoming Sacer invasion. His given promotion to Ducion Liciano would eventually lead to the search for the godly ruins in Spatium and shaped the events of history to allow Qarx to become the god Sapiens; almost a century after his birth.