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Votum protecting her private land from the Mortuus'.

"I am not living to live. I am living to die"

Votum was a member of the race Sacer and later deemed the god of punishment, which would last for several thousand years. Votum was also, for the majority of her existence, the only remaining survivor of her race. She's publically known for being emotionally and mentally unstable, while having powers beyond imagination.

Votum was also a powerful sorceress. During the annihilation of her race, Votum stood proudly against the Mortuus' and succesfully defeated many key persons of the military campaign from both sides. She is said to have had a strong connection to her magical particles, causing her skin to be remarkably more light blue, than common Sacer. Votum was also a beloved wife and mother, until the war of the first ones began.

The War of the firstEdit

Votum was previously a famous scholar in her young days. Later becoming a skilled teacher in magic, Votum had gained her own plot of land for her family. Not caring for politics, Votum didn't foresee the Mortuus' charging the lands of Foedus. Votum then ensured the safety of her family within the capital, followed by taking up arms and leading a smaller section of the army during the beginning of the war. It didn't last long, before the presence of the Mortuus' had corrupted the land and the rich air giving life to most magical particles seized to exist. As a result, most of the Sacers died, while about a third simply lost their connection to magic.
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A magicless Votum, desperately trying to cast a spell.

Votum almost instantly lost her army after that, as well as her family in the capital. The Sacers were now divided and barely any fled in groups. This was also the coincidence with Votum. Continuing to hold onto life, she taught herselves how to hunt, fight and survive without use of magic.

Few months after the loss of magic in the land, the Mortuus' began the Purge of the Sacers, further eliminating the remaining survivors. Votum was among the few to establish a small camp over in Pratum, where they'd occupy themselves, until the Mortuus' eventually overran the entire continent. Votum was magically protected by a shield, followed by a huge blast, which stole Votum's soul and destroyed all Mortuus' on the continent. Votum later discovered that she was chosen to become the god of Punishment and the representing god of the now purged race Sacer.