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Race Info
Affiliations/factions Cortus Monarchy, Origo Rebellion, Renegades Pact
Racial professions Warden
Racial leaders None
Physical attributes
Skin color Dark brown, black, white, grey
Weight 200 kg - 300 kg
Height 198 cm - 302 cm
Language Spatorian

 Manes were blessed(or cursed, depending on your viewpoint) humans, gifted with great strength, superior intelligence and faster learning. Forged by the god Aithen, the werewolves were puppets in a longlasting attempt to purify Cortus from conflict and chaos. Although the werewolves were unaware of this, they were indirectly persuated to commit acts, which would further aid the campaign.

Werewolves had their entire lives planned and decided years before birth, functioning as guidelines to set Cortus right. They indirectly represented the desires and political opinions of the god Aithen. Each werewolf had their own purpose and did everything from protecting artifacts, raging war, eliminate obstacles or die at the right occation.

The three lightsEdit

There are only three publically known werewolves, although several more have been forged to subtletly affect Cortus. The three known werewolves are Tutela the forestgirl, Qarx Louvus Furyhold of the Origo Rebellion and Raptus Mataru.

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