"We're not treated equally. We're not percieved equally. We don't talk the same language. We don't look the same. Your father and I.. We're no longer the same."
―Qaran describing his transformation to a whiteling with Linia Brond.
The typical appearance of a male whiteling
Race Info
Affiliations/factions The Verums (formerly), Cortus Monarchy
Racial professions Bodyguards, Bounty hunters, Servants, Gladiators
Racial leaders None (arguably Linia Brond)
Physical attributes
Skin color Light Brown
Weight 60 kg - 210 kg
Height 170 cm - 230 cm
Language Alderion, encrypted (unnamed verbal communication method)

Whitelings were segregated and oppressed verums, who had been captured and/or enslaved after the end of The Verum War. In order to properly show their former affiliation, they were marked with noticeable body features, as well as an obligatory surcoat. As the transformation also influenced their hair, skin, verbal skills and physical strength, they're considered an artificially made sub-race for Humans.

Whitelings were only acknowledged by their race during the first century of their existence. Some time after the rule of King Brond, the descendants of the whitelings were granted equal rights to humans and were no longer seen as a dinstictly different species. Their features are still visible, however, and most whitelings have decided to stick with their racial professions throughout time, due to their unique physical capabilities.


After the end of the Verum War, King Brond decided to punish all remaining known verums, but marking them as outsiders of the Cortus Monarchy. Using his magical skillset, he personally branded every known verum with the same hair, skin and eye color, while also limiting their use of their magical particles. Unknown to King brond at the time, his interference with their magical particles resulted in Whitelings recieving drastically improved physical skills (stamina, strength, etc). It even made it noticeably easier for them to cast all the spells, which they were still able to conjure. Born by the hand of King Brond himself, a new race of superhumans had been born. 

In order to please the population as a whole, Brond was even forced to brand his own daughter, Linia Brond, as she was publically still known as having been a verum supporter, during the war. To properly protect her from the angry mobs, Brond assigned Qaran, his once close verum friend, to watch out for his daughter. 

Linia Brond2

Linia Brond about to fight a maederon.

Many years later, when Qaran was assigned to find Linia who had disappeared from public space, all whitelings began being hunted by a group known as The Maederons. It is estimated that around 60% of all whitelings were killed by maederons within a five year period, adding up to around 20% of the overall human population as of 250 A.P.

With the combined effort of Qaran, several noble Whitelings and soldiers of King Brond himself, the maederons were wiped out on the mysterious Jungle Islands

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