Race Info
Affiliations/factions None (Possibly Church of Conservation)
Racial professions Worldkeeping
Racial leaders None (only one alive at a time)
Physical attributes
Skin color Varying
Weight Infinite
Height Infinite
Language All

 Worldkeepers were the living embodiment of all of the universe's former and current mass. Worldkeepers originally stood natives of a random planet in the universe and were randomly picked to be the last organic creature to survive the reformation of the world. Worldkeepers are therefore ancient beings, that remain the only alive thing from the past world. 

The worldkeepers are tasked with doing whatever they can to prevent the likely reformation of the world yet again. Worldkeepers such as Amporion, attempted on doing so, through restricting Intelligent Magic on various planets, while others before him tried to let innovation and free-thinking dominate the world.